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If you're overwhelmed by the amount of email you receive, CleanOut is the fastest way to check your email while making sure that you never miss an important message and stay on top of action items.

The Right Tool

CleanOut does just one thing: it allows you to check your email very quickly while staying organized and reminding you to follow up.

Supercharge Outlook

Take your familiar Outlook experience to the next level. Works with your existing Outlook email, calendar and tasks.

Stay Secure

With CleanOut your email stays local on your device unlike other solutions that process your email in some unknown location “in the cloud”.

No Time for Toys

CleanOut is for people who have serious work to do. It's industrial strength and ready to tackle your most complex email.

Have Fun

Turn the arduous task of checking your email into an enjoyable experience knowing that you're in control and will be done quickly!

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CleanOut for Office 365

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CleanOut for Outlook
See important messages first
Smart email filing
Automated email follow up
Fast inbox CleanOut
Multiple incoming email folders
Piling using Outlook categories
Handsfree voice commands
Multiple Outlook profiles
Email date range Past 7-days Past 7-days Unlimited
Languages English, German and Spanish English, German and Spanish English, German and Spanish
Email providers Office 365, Hotmail, MSN Office 365, Exchange,,
Gmail, Google Workspace,
Outlook for Windows versions Not required Not required Outlook 2013 to 2021
Operating System Windows 10 and 11,
Xbox One
Windows 10 and 11,
Xbox One
Windows 8.1, 10 and 11
Chat Teams Teams
Filing folders Mailbox folders Mailbox folders Mailbox folders, PST files
and In-Place archive
Internet mode Online Online Online and Offline
Price Free Free USD$59.95 per
mailbox per year

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to CleanOut

CleanOut is a productivity app that allows busy people to check their email in a fraction of the time it normally takes. It does this by showing you the most important emails first, helping you understand them and giving you automated workflows to deal with them. In the process, CleanOut ensures that you deal with your most important business first, stay organized and have reminders to follow up on action items.

Although some people use CleanOut all day long, it's most effective when you've been away from your email for a while, such as:

  • At the end of a day of back-to-back calls and meetings
  • After being onsite with a client or prospect
  • After a long flight (without access to Wi-Fi)
  • Waking up after your colleagues, in continents to the east, were filling up your inbox
  • Returning from vacation
  1. It’s a complete solution for checking your email. While other solutions focus on a particular aspect of email management such as prioritization, triage, filing or follow-up, CleanOut handles all phases from beginning to end.
  2. It works with Outlook. There are many new email clients or apps which require you to learn how to use a complete replacement for Outlook. CleanOut, on the other hand, is built on the belief that Outlook (including Office 365 and already has all the features you need but power users just need additional help when dealing with massive amounts of email. As a result, CleanOut works with your existing Outlook email, calendar and tasks so you can seamlessly switch back and forth at any time depending on how many messages you have.
  3. Your data stays local. Data security is important to everyone, so it is reassuring to know that with CleanOut your email never leaves your device. Beware of solutions that process your email in some unknown location “in the cloud”.
  4. Its more relaxing. We have enough things to worry about in our busy lives that email shouldn’t be one of them. Opening your email to find a screen full of unread messages is not fun and trying to decide which one is the most important to read first is stressful. CleanOut uses the power of advanced AI to guide you through your most important messages, in priority order, leaving you to decide what action you need to take. The end-result is a much more natural workflow that is more relaxing and less stressful.
  5. It just works. As a busy person you don’t have time for “toy apps” as the decisions you need to make are much more complex than simply deleting newsletters and social media alerts. CleanOut is a powerful tool that gets the job done! It gives insight into your most complex business emails and allows you to go through your email faster than any other solution while still ensuring you don’t miss anything. Try it and we are sure you will agree.

For a minimal investment, you should save yourself an hour a day if your currently receive at least fifty (non-spam) messages per day.

Most importantly that hour saved will usually be between 7pm and midnight!

Security regarding email is an important topic for any organization so you can rest assured that CleanOut runs 100% locally (i.e. no data leaves your device), and is built upon proven Microsoft standards like Azure AD and Exchange.

The CleanOut for Office 365 and apps have been reviewed and certified by Microsoft and the CleanOut for Outlook Add-in is signed with a Extended Validation Certificate, indicating it is safe to install.

The good news is that using CleanOut is actually easier than the way you do it today. Just like going from driving a manual transmission car to an automatic, CleanOut automates the process so you can worry about more important things.


It is a badge of honor for many executives to maintain an open-door policy and to manage their own emails but it is difficult to do both. Incorporating periodic use of CleanOut into your hectic schedule will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend processing email and free your mind during meetings and calls to focus on the topic at hand. Batching of email into dedicated blocks of time with CleanOut, will ensure you deal with the most important topics first and finish quickly.

It's incredible to consider that Outlook, given its popularity in terms of both number of users and minutes per day spent using it, doesn’t have a structured workflow like your other enterprise applications. With minimal installation effort, CleanOut is “low hanging fruit” that you can introduce to give a productivity boost to all your Office 365 and Outlook users and put a dent in those constantly growing Exchange mailbox sizes.

Whether you are in management or an individual contributor, CleanOut will help you take control of your email so that you can:

  • Reduce the stress associated with keeping up with email and even make it fun
  • Reduce your dependence on email on your phone or tablet, outside of work
  • Save an hour per day! Turn that into an additional billable hour, an hour doing something much more strategic, an extra hour spent with the family or even an extra hour of sleep!
Try CleanOut today. Its free!